[Qi Hardware Discuss] Bard Storyteller 0.5 for Nanonote

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at sharism.cc
Mon Jan 23 12:21:43 EST 2012

>> I think there are some typo? it give me:
>> http://festvox.org/bard/AAAREADME, not just REAME. :)
> Actually this is how the apache is server set up, is doesn't show
> files called README (its a common problem) so I name it AAAREADME
> too. They are links to the same file.

Hi ALan
sorry. I don't know that.

> I believe this is because you don't have the latest version of
> flite. You really need the one in
> http://festvox.org/bard/flite-1.5.4-current.tar.bz2
> There actual a bunch of little changes in flite that help to make
> bard work properly (even though flite is supposed to be quite
> mature).
> Let me know if that doesn't work. I've not worked on integrating this
> into to the OpenWRT build process (I actually compile it on the
> nanonote itself), but give me feedback about how to do this properly
> so updates will just work.

thanks. after update the flite to 1.5.4-current and a small patch on bard.
now it compile fine under OpenWRT.

I have test both your package and my build package. it always exit with a 'segmentation fault'
after read all text.


root at BenNanoNote:~# echo  "hello world" > a
root at BenNanoNote:~# /usr/local/bin/bard -text a
-rf0_font_size 20
-rf0_text_pos 0
-rf0_text /usr/bin/a
-speed 1.000000
-gain 1.000000
-textdir /root
-font_size 20
-font /usr/share/fonts/ttf-dejavu/DejaVuSerif.ttf
-text_pos 0
-text a
awb_debug text update at hello
awb_debug text update at hello
awb_debug text update at hello
awb_debug text update at  world
Segmentation fault

more info:
http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/source/tree/master/bard/patches/001-remove-configure-hardcode-check.patch (there are some hard code path under configure.in)


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