I'm back! (sort of)

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On 01/24/2012 09:14 AM, Bas Wijnen wrote:
> On 24-01-12 04:01, Jane Andreas wrote:
>> Now I wonder if there are any fine-grained mixers available...
> There aren't; the hardware doesn't support it. It has three settings:
> mic boost (2 bit), input gain (5 bit) and output gain (2 bit).

There might not be a fine-grained hardware mixer available, but there's 
a software one that can be enabled by configuring ALSA. I've done that 
on my NanoNote because I felt all the available hardware volume levels 
were rather too loud.

It shows up as a second volume control slider in the same mixer panel (I 
named mine PCM because that's what programs tend to look for), and is 
much more fine-grained than the master hardware one, so I just leave the 
hardware slider alone and use the software slider instead.

The first version I posted here of this configuration broke recording 
(and was therefore pulled back out of the default distro), but I've 
since fixed that. I sent the final version to this list too, so it can 
be found in the list archives, but I don't think it got picked up (yet?) 
by the distro maintainers.

That configuration also allows multiple programs to play (and record) 
sound at the same time, though I haven't found much use for that yet, 

I can think of a use for that... recording things over a drum beat genenerated with either jdkdrum or csound. 

beyond playing a bit with feedback (arecord|aplay, then aplay again)...

If you want it, I can send you the config file so you can use it on your 
NanoNote - it shouldn't care what distro it's used on.

I would love it, but I would require some tutelage on where to put it and what do to it so it works.

Speaking of configuration files, I am wondering what the best approach to changing my keymap to Colemak is... I want to leave everything else the same, like the numpad, red keys, arrow keys, enter, etc. and just change the letter keys. So would it be better to have a separate file that I load after boot, or modify my current one (wherever that is...) What about trying to change locales in Debian? I will wait a while on this to see what people think... 

Thanks and that is a YES on your config file, maybe you could even put it on the qi-wiki..,


By the way your name is cool, what is it's origin and pronunciation? I can't help but think it is /frod/, but it might be /froda/ also? 

Frode Austvik

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