Kicad-pathes - update instruction

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Jan 28 09:52:21 EST 2012

Hoteev Sergey wrote:
> <div><span lang="en"><span>Hi</span><span>, I saw</span> <span>that
> the</span> <span>file /kicad-pathes/README</span> <span>has been updated
> </span></span></div><div>?</div><div>

Yes, Wolfgang has upleveled the patches to KiCad version 3378.
There were also some changes to the names of the command-line
options. I still have to update my scripts.

> </div><div>but type command:</div><div>?~/source/kicad.bzr$ 
> quilt push -a<br />No patches in series</div>

Most likely, you simply forgot to link the patches directory
into your KiCad tree:
ln -s wherever/eda-tools/kicad-patches patches

- Werner

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