[Qi Hardware Discuss] Bard Storyteller 0.6 for Nanonote

Alan W Black awb at cs.cmu.edu
Sun Jan 29 07:46:43 EST 2012

Bard Storyteller 0.6

Bard Storyteller is a text reader.  Bard not only allows a user to
read books, but can also read books to a user using text-to-speech.

Bard Storyteller is free software, distributed under a BSD-like

See http://festvox.org/bard/README for details

New in 0.6:
Smooth Scroll
Screen Blanking
User specifiable colors (see README)
Some keyboard rationalization
Support for other platforms (Nokia n900)
Lots of bug fixes

I have standardized the use of the volume key on the nanonote to
control volume, scroll speed or page up/down depending on whether its
speaking, scrolling or in idle position.

Note you must update your version of flite (again) to complie 0.6.

The next improvements on the immediate horizon are:
XHTML and epub support (through libepub from ebook-tools)
Better voices (that are fast enough, which is currently our problem)
    better voices are full supported on faster platforms

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