schematic symbols catalog: now with alphabetic index

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Jul 11 11:49:40 EDT 2012

I made a little update to the catalog of KiCad components (symbols):
it now starts with an alphabetic index, complete with links to the
respective pages:

This should help with looking up things for reviews and such. The
start of the index page is also at the beginning of the table of
contents, so it's easy to jump back, even if the PDF viewer doesn't
have a "go to the beginning" button.

I also renamed the program that generates all this from "genex" to
"gencat". The "ex" in "genex" was for the "expanded view" of
components, i.e., the labeling of pin types. The idea is to extend
the program to make catalogs also for footprints (modules), hence
the name change.

To upgrade, do this:

cd eda-tools
make -C genex uninstall
git pull
make -C gencat install

I've also updated the program's name in

- Werner

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