MIlkymist One New Image (2012-07-09)

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Wed Jul 11 22:40:12 EDT 2012


This build is for people who want try recently new features. there is a new feature
that Milkymist One can connect to WiFi network by using a TP LINK WR703N router(with
OpenWrt flashed). I will update wiki page later today about the technical detail about
this 703n/OpenWrt, if you have a 703n already you can flash that by using this firmware:

How to reflash 703n:

For more detail about this image, please check out the change log:

Flash latest stable Qi build:
   chmod +x
   ./ --qi
   # this will reflash all partition except the 'data' partition

   ./ --qi --data
   make sure you *BACKUP FIRST*. this will *REFLASH DATA PARITION*.

Setup MAC address(the last two bytes):
   ./ --bios-mac 00 23

Image files are here:

About backup your config/patches:

Best Regards

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