footprint catalog

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jul 12 18:49:35 EDT 2012

We now also have a catalog of the footprints (modules):

The drawings are generated by fped from the corresponding .fpd
files. The cataloging tools can't handle KiCad's .mod files,
but we don't use these directly anyway.

There are still a few details missing, such as always indicating
the unit of measure (it's omitted if everything uses the same unit),
and providing/extracting descriptions, but it should be useful

Some footprints in the catalog also lack measurements, making it
difficult to review them. But that's a separate issue.

The catalog (catalog.pdf) is built by running  make catalog
in kicad-libs/modules

You need the latest versions of gencat and fped for this.

- Werner

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