yet another gencat name change

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jul 12 19:25:07 EDT 2012

I just realized that "gencat" clashed with an established tool:
libc's message catalog generator, which even comes from X/Open.
I wonder how I missed that one :-(

I've now renamed my "gencat" to "genkicat". To upgrade, do this:

cd eda-tools
make -C gencat uninstall
git pull
make -C genkicat install

kicad-libs now uses the new name too. Since gen(ki)cat installs
itself under /usr/local, it probably didn't cause any damage to
the system's gencat, but you may want to check by running
"gencat --version".

For manual removal, genkicat installs in two locations:

- an executable (wrapper) in ../bin/genkicat
- the actual program and some helper scripts in the directory

Sorry for the confusion.

- Werner

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