Data sheet viewer (dsv): PDFs in ZIPs

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jul 19 11:02:48 EDT 2012

The data sheet viewer so far only knew how to handle PDFs.
Alas, some companies wrap data sheet PDFs in ZIPs, placing
them beyond dsv's reach.

I've now added PDF in ZIP support as well: if a data sheet
record in the bookshelf file has the form

D: url-of-zip path-of-pdf-in-zip

with url-of-zip ending in .zip with any capitalization,
then dsv will first download and cache the .zip file and
then extract the requested PDF.

Note that there must be exactly one space between the URL
and the path. Neither tab nor newline are allowed.

This means we can finally do this:

N: usb20
A: usb
D: usb_20_071012/usb_20.pdf

dsv lives here:

- Werner

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