Statistics: May 2012

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Jun 1 21:22:07 EDT 2012

Thanks Werner! I am working on so many good opportunities for
the future that I can't get around to the mundane tasks of
today sometimes, like accounting, updating news, servers,
what not. Who cares :-)

I have been pushing this back for a while, but finally Werner's
mail gives me a good excuse to post it:

We are going to increase the prices of the Ben NanoNote to 149 USD
plus shipping, and the Milkymist One to 799 USD plus shipping.
Probably starting July 1st, so everybody has ample time to order
at the old prices. Is July 1st OK?
The reasons for this increase are manyfold, if anyone has specific
questions please ask and I will reply. We are paving the way for
a great future for those devices and our 3rd product :-)

For chatting, as Werner pointed out the IRC servers are becoming
more of the hub for the in-crowd, so I very much invite anyone to
those channels, at

Some other random things I thought people here might care about
(not open hardware but they do a thousand things right and I'm
rooting for them :-))
(sad to see him go, EU sales will become more difficult now and
hopefully he will be back one day),15661.html
(the computer industry is going through massive changes, developing
new sales channels will be crucial and it's great to see that Ikea
is experimenting as well. Unfortunately not with Qi but with TCL,
but maybe next time and on some smaller product :-))

Enough. Happy weekend and happy hacking and happy life.

P.S.: Is anyone reading this?

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