Statistics: May 2012

Jon Phillips jon at
Fri Jun 1 21:41:21 EDT 2012

> (the computer industry is going through massive changes, developing
> new sales channels will be crucial and it's great to see that Ikea
> is experimenting as well. Unfortunately not with Qi but with TCL,
> but maybe next time and on some smaller product :-))

On Ikea: I recently took a trip with my root of capitalism to IKEA,
where my root of capitalism purchased a $100 lamp. I asked her if I
should buy extra LED light bulbs. She said "YES!" While hunting for
light bulbs in the sea of shoppers, picking out one of seemingly
hundreds of different types of bulbs for their products, I could not
find LED lightbulbs.

At this moment, I looked for a sales associate, and there literally
discovered 1000 consumers to one sales associate. Thus, I had to turn
to my own powers of deduction. I reread the lamp's packaging to check
my sanity and I found in English, "BUILT-IN LED Light." I then
inspected the lamp further. Just like the iPhone's battery, the
lightbulb could not be removed! Outrageous!

While the Ikea TV is one vector into hardware integration, I realized
that this most expensive lamp at IKEA was the most integrated product
in the section, similar to the Ikea TV. It must have a higher profit
margin, avoid this trampling of sales associates, have fewer returns,
and problems with Ikea carrying and having to produce more trinkets
for consumption, confusion and chaos in the store.

Upon putting this product together at home, I found the instructions
are simpler than any IKEA product I've put together. The light is very
pure white light, perfect for reading. With the simple flick of the
switch, I realized that making products just for the tech industry is
dead. We need to become better designers, understand people more, and
live a good life. That is how we can make great products for real

Cheerz to the pricing changes and bright future Wolfgang and the list!


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