Statistics: May 2012

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Jun 2 12:15:49 EDT 2012

Jon Phillips wrote:
> Just like the iPhone's battery, the
> lightbulb could not be removed! Outrageous!

I'm not overly surprised :-) If the rest of the electronics don't
give up earlier, such a LED lamp should easily last for 5 years of
continuous use and it probably doesn't mind being turned on or off
a lot either. For decorative lamps, this means a service life of
something like 20-40 years. By the time you'd need a replacement
bulb, the technology would have moved on and it would almost
certainly be incompatible or prohibitively expensive.

Phone batteries are different because such a battery doesn't last
for more than a small number of years, even with very light use.
And the enclosure tends to be considerably more expensive, let
alone the enclosure to battery-or-lamp price ratio.

> I realized that making products just for the tech industry is
> dead.

Huh ? It's just a different market, with different rules. But yes,
the average customer isn't likely to welcome something like this
radio in their living room anymore:

(It looked even more impressive/intimidating in real life than on
the photo.)

- Werner

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