Statistics: May 2012

neil at neil at
Sat Jun 2 19:17:24 EDT 2012

> P.S.: Is anyone reading this?

I am, although I feel the shift away from the NanoNote and I'm not ready
for a Milkymist yet.  I've set up my NanoNote with mpd and a hand-rolled
UI and given it to my toddler.  My wife filled it with "learn Mandarin"
lessons but my little one keeps asking for "doof doof" music.

I found it really useful that the NanoNote uses OpenWrt.  I've since
replaced DD-WRT with OpenWrt on my routers and much prefer it ( not
least since it's a lot easier to get an IPv6 firewall on OpenWrt).

Lately, I've been learning how to code for my [DSO Quad] ( a semi open
source hobby-grade oscilliscope) and porting the BIOS to gcc so that the
BIOS can be rebuilt without IAR.

  [DSO Quad]:

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