Statistics: May 2012

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat Jun 2 20:35:46 EDT 2012

> I guess I just don't see what kind of benefit you are expecting to
> obtain, and I'll be glad if you could elaborate.

I feel we have to make a point that the Ben and Milkymist are
valuable devices and worth thinking about.

For the Ben - 99 USD looks as if we tried to stay under 100 USD.
If that were true the next stops would be 49 USD, 29 USD, until
the product is dead. We don't want to be so disrespectful to
people who are interested in the device.

The Milkymist One is (accidentally) priced as the iPad and many
notebooks now, but I feel at this point, we should position it
away from those. It's a machine that requires an exquisite taste,
most likely if someone makes a comparison to an iPad or notebook,
they are better off buying that. A price of 799 USD positions it
away from where most regular computers are.
To appreciate the Milkymist One will require your commitment, an
exercise of having to save a monthly amount over some time before
buying one is the right preparation to make you enjoy your
purchase later.

I don't care how many people buy a Ben or Milkymist One.
All I care about is that those buyers are 100% satisfied with what
they bought. There are fantastic things to discover about both
devices, and increasing the prices to 149/799 will increase
chances for buyer happiness.

Thanks for asking, Cheers,

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