OMG, Nanonote price exploding! (was: Re: Statistics: May 2012)

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Tue Jun 12 21:46:24 EDT 2012

(Sorry about the subject, thought I'd update it to reflect the change in
topic :-)

>>>>> "Wolfgang" == Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> writes:

>> I guess I just don't see what kind of benefit you are expecting to
>> obtain, and I'll be glad if you could elaborate.

> I feel we have to make a point that the Ben and Milkymist are valuable
> devices and worth thinking about.

> For the Ben - 99 USD looks as if we tried to stay under 100 USD.  If
> that were true the next stops would be 49 USD, 29 USD, until the
> product is dead. We don't want to be so disrespectful to people who
> are interested in the device.

> I don't care how many people buy a Ben or Milkymist One.  All I care
> about is that those buyers are 100% satisfied with what they
> bought. There are fantastic things to discover about both devices, and
> increasing the prices to 149/799 will increase chances for buyer
> happiness.

Interesting way of arguing.  Why not make us all even happier by raising
the price to a nice $200.  $149 would just look like we're trying to
stay below $150, then the next steps may be $99, $49 until the product
is dead :)

Yes I know, you may be trying to tell us that paying more will help in
the long run with development, thereby eventually leading to buyer
happiness.  But I'm not sure your phrasing makes that so obvious.

Another idea: If you don't want the Ben to look like we tried to stay
under $100, make the price exactly $100.  All those 999 prices look very
cheapo.  Aren't potential buyers smart enough to not be fooled into
floored rounding?

Ha, yet another idea: if user happiness is the ultimate metric, we might
want to create more incentitives for users to turn into (contributing)
developers / community members.  Hand out git commit access per default
to every buyer; make it easier to find the mailinglist, or offer a
discount to people who port packages.  Or what about discounts for
people who buy a second/third/fourth nanonote (i.e. as a present etc.)?
This is what openmoko did for the wikireader, BTW.


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