IPv6 on Ben Nanonote

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Fri Jun 15 07:16:23 EDT 2012

>>>>> "kyak" == kyak  <bas at bmail.ru> writes:

> David, just be careful with an idea to build sound as a module.  This
> is a boot time/RAM tradeoff:

> Sound used to be a module, and, it took precious time to load it
> during boot. So we made it builtin. And i'm sure most users have sound
> loaded anyway, so there will be no gain in RAM usage, just lose of
> precious boot time.

Hmm, why not load it via modprobe as soon as a sound application
requests it?  Ah, the mixer setting stuff during bootup would fail then,
I guess.  Ok, I see, sound is better left unmodularized.

> I would agree to move some other (not commonly used) modules, like
> vfat to modules and separate ipks, if it's not the case already.

Just realizing that we probably shouldn't move ext2 into a module, as
this is needed to boot of debian.  Can't force people to use initrd to
boot alternate OSes, as RAM might not suffice for an initrd.

BTW MIPS position independent code is pretty expensive code-bloat wise,
AFAIR.  So moving stuff into modules also costs a little RAM, once these
modules are loaded.


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