Anyone tried 'dirtpan' on atUSB

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jun 15 11:14:50 EDT 2012

Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> [  116.130000] usb 1-1: atusb_timer
> [  116.200000] usb 1-1: atusb_timer
> [  116.220000] at86rf230_state unexpected state change: 255, asked for 4
> [  116.230000] at86rf230_xmit error: -16
> [  116.310000] usb 1-1: atusb_timer
> [  116.810000] usb 1-1: atusb_timer

This looks like a communication problem, probably between
the two chips on the atusb.

State change 255 means that the driver sent a command to
read the state register from the transceiver and got the
value 255 back. 255 is not a value this operation should
ever return.

So either the command wasn't received by the transceiver
or the transceiver failed to respond for some other reason.

Maybe check that there isn't any conductive contamination
on your atusb. If you have more than one atusb, you could
try another and see if the problems persist.

- Werner

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