[Milkymist-devel] reviewed/associated KiCad M1r4's components and footprints

Adam Wang adam at sharism.cc
Tue Jun 19 04:33:46 EDT 2012


To link all components/symbols with relevant footprints for KiCad m1r4:

steps are:

1. Edited footprints(Modules) by Fped[1] which is a GUI editor tool for
building footprint. Those modules are under:

2. Use Makefile to convert .fpd into .mod

3. In KiCad Eeschema, clicked "Generate netlist" icon to create a .net
4. Open KiCad CvPcb and load .net  to associate each component with
footprints by Preferences -> Footprint library files set.
5. In CvPcb, clicked "Save the component/footprint link file (.cmp)" icon
to generate link file.
6. In CvPcb, clicked "Create export file(component/footprint list, used by
Eeschema to fill the footprint field of components)" icon. It is .stf
7. back in Eeshema, clicked "Import footprint selection from CvPcb in
components footprint field" icon. Once done, you can easily double click
each part to view its footprint name and review.

While editing modules by Fped, I met couples of questions which needs
related thread to post.

Although just initially associated, a review work still be needed.

[1] http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/fped/

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