Nanonote IPv6 internet connectivity

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Fri Jun 22 03:14:48 EDT 2012


after finding out that the nanonote does indeed fully support IPv6 [1],
what would be the next steps required to connect it to the internet?

While for IPv4 our recommended approach is to use NAT [2], something
like that would fail with the (currently, almost) un-NAT-able IPv6.

I can think of those solutions:

* (easy) Use ethernet bridging to connect usb0 to eth0 on the PC.  Now
  the Nanonote would get router advertisements from the network's
  internet gateway and configure itself (similar to an IPv4 DHCP client,
  but built into the Linux kernel).  Note: this would break the IPv4
  connectivity described in [2], instead requiring a DHCP client to be
  installed for IPv4 internet.  We should probably add the google IPv6
  server 2001:4860:4860::8844 per default to /etc/resolv.conf .

* (ugly, difficult, broken) Manually assign a routable IPv6 network
  prefix to usb0 on the host, enable radvd on the host to send out
  router advertisements to the Nanonote and to the rest of the network
  to tell it about the usb0 subnet.  But does the internet gateway
  accept router advertisements so it can route back traffic to the
  nanonote?  I'd guess most routers would just ignore them.

* (?) Some kind of routing config combined with arp proxying might
  enable us to transparently route IPv6 traffic to the nanonote without
  having to rely on ethernet bridging, nor needing the host to send out
  router advertisements for the nanonote.  Ah, for IPv6, that would be
  called proxyndp, see [3,4].  Still it'd be somewhat difficult to get
  the nanonote configure its usb0 network via router advertisements, as
  those aren't routed across interfaces.  We could rely on dhcpv6client
  to request a full subnet from a dhcpv6 server [5], who runs a
  subnet-delegating dhcpv6 server anyway?

So looks like that only leaves bridging as a viable option?

As a side-node: wouldn't that be about the right time to enable IPv6 for

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