I need swap on Debian now

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Thu Mar 1 03:45:25 EST 2012

>>>>> "Jane" == Jane Andreas <JaneAndreas at gmx.com> writes:

> Hello everyone, I have been having a grand time in Debian Sid on by
> Ben synthesizing sound with csound, but I recently set up imagemagick
> (hand installing deb's) and a simple 'convert' operation took all my
> memory to the point that the process got killed. I tried to set up
> swap on the NAND, but had no success. Is a usd the only way to get
> swap, and if so, is it worth it? I would like to have swap on the
> NAND, or at least be able to leave the installation on the NAND. 

According to this article:


You just need to install the package 'dphys-swapfile' which will
automatically create and use a swap-file in /var/swap on next boot.
Swap size will be twice the RAM size, which sounds good.

Note: I haven't tried myself.  This may wear out your NAND flash, the
question is how long that takes.  Will be an interesting test for the
quality of the NanoNote's components :)


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