Case of the missing + key

aecepoglu at aecepoglu at
Fri Mar 2 02:39:52 EST 2012

Maybe grep the dumpkeys output for that key before and after you change to colemak. There should be something that catches the eye in there.

On Thu, Mar 01, 2012 at 07:16:04PM -0500, Jane Andreas wrote:
> Well I have tried loadkeys =, which does not work. I loaded my colemak.kmap file and even though the fn num-pad is not set up, the + sign for some reason is. Maybe I could just edit it to work the way I want and use that one for now. 
> I am not sure where the default keymap is stored, if it is easily editable and if it is a good idea to do so...
> In the meantime I may try to get dillo and/or netsurf set up.
> Thanks
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