Case of the missing + key

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Mon Mar 5 01:10:20 EST 2012

On 05-03-12 07:03, Jane Andreas wrote:
> Since the colemak.kmap has the + key, I decided to look at the file and using nano I finagled what I wanted onto it. I moved the O key to be to the right of the y key, set up a fn number pad just like the qwerty, and mapped ; to red arrow+ J. I did this by typing the desired key mapping in the corresponding column for each keycode. Fn turned out to be the 5th column as I recall, so putting a mapping like "one" there would make fn+ that key print that. I did not learn keycodes but rather looked at what keys functioned as they should under the Colemak layout and put what I wanted on top of those. It has been delightful fun and I hope learn more, but now I have the symbols I need without sacrificing the numberpad and while ditching qwerty.


> Do you think it will be OK to put 'loadkeys colemak.kmap' in my /etc/fstab, or is that not for this kind of thing? 

/etc/fstab is for filesystems (what to mount where). So no, that's not
for this kind of thing. You want to put this in /etc/rc.local, which is
for custom startup stuff.

> I was bad at grep, so I did it my way for now...;)

If it works. :-D


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