audio visualization on the Ben?

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at
Wed Mar 7 10:17:08 EST 2012

Ok, I removed the previous message since I know my email client is nasty...

I found out the last line of the script was split into two by accident, so I combined it back into just one line and ran it, then it gave me the font error and said 'out of memory'. 

I activated my 66MB swap and re ran it, it still gave me the font error but DID produce a file! 

The font thing is a minor issue now. 

I'm not sure about you, but for me on Debian Sid it took about 5 minutes to make the 640x480 png.

I guess now I will be looking into how to change the color (red is boring and cheap looking to me) and maybe size so that it takes less time.

Thanks for getting me started on this, it's almost like having a pocket Audacity for me now!
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