Thoughts on hacking gtypist on Ben

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Sat Mar 10 21:44:58 EST 2012

Hi Jane

For the 'line 40 is too long for screen', fixed in this patch:

Here is the patched OpenWrt package:

I have tried in nanonote and play a little by using nanonote keyboard.
the "Series S Speed drills" works fine. for other lessons we needs change the lines
short a little for good looking. OpenWrt is using '/usr/share/gtypist'.


On 03/10/2012 09:50 AM, Jane Andreas wrote:
> After getting gtypist to technically run on the Ben, both in OpenWRT
> and Debian Sid, I have found that whenever I run it, it complains
> that line 40 is too long for screen. I found that on Debian, the
> default .typ file is somewhere different than the manual says. I
> think the manual says /usr/local/share/gtypist/ but on sid it was
> /usr/share/ or something like that. Anyways, I tried modifying that
> file and when I run gtypist now, it complains that some lines are
> actually missing. Might we need to change actual gtypist source code
> to get it working? It seems unlikely, but maybe.,..maybe I just did
> not modify it right.

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