Ben Nanonote Next Release

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Mar 15 10:07:51 EDT 2012

> >Just add libfaad2 to the image or patch mplayer to not search for it in
> >the first place.  AFAIR I tried to explicitely disable all
> >patent-related codecs in mplayer, so throwing out libfaad2 may be the
> >better/cleaner route?
> Thanks for reply. our build also disable the patent. I have download the
> SDK and try to find out.

If there is the patent encumbered stuff in it, I suggest removing.
We should rather focus on making some codecs work really well, than
supporting many codecs badly. A video for the Ben will most likely
be transcoded anyway.

For example I use ogv heavily, and while it works amazingly well,
I can still easily reproduce bugs, for example when I jump forward
and backward in a large movie (1.5h). After some navigation in the
.ogv file like that, eventually mplayer will just hang, video will
stutter, sound playback will stop entirely, etc.

I will do some testing with the new images soon and hopefully make
it more reproducible and with more precise error messages.

Reminder to self: Setup a good request tracker on qi-hw finally!

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