Using Emacs as Ebook reader

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Tue Mar 20 19:00:42 EDT 2012

Just a quick heads up: use visual-line-mode instead. Word wrap alters the content of the file (or at least, used to), visual line mode is just a visual wrapper that does nothing to the file. 


Ruben Berenguel

On Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 23:58 , David Kuehling wrote:

> Hi,
> I recently carried my nanonote with me on a longer bus trip, and used it
> to read a .txt-format ebook. I didn't have any time to check for
> supported ebook reader applications, so settled on just opening my book
> with Emacs from the last firmware.
> With some minor configuration, this worked surprisingly well:
> - Just running Emacs from the menu, the font is a little small and
> lacks many non-ASCII characters (even some quote characters!), so I
> launched 'jfbterm' from the "terminals" menu and started Emacs by hand
> - White on black text was unpleasent to my eyes. In emacs you can type
> <Esc> x invert-face <Ret> default <Ret>
> to get black on white text and inverse colors
> - Typing <Esc> x toggle-word-wrap <Ret> does what the name suggests
> Emacs in the last firmwares is already configured to use volume up/down
> keys for page-wise scrolling, which comes in handy.
> You'd also want to put this lines into your /root/.emacs config file:
> (desktop-save-mode t)
> to make emacs remember open files and cursor locations between sessions
> (you might have to type <Esc> x save-desktop <Ret> and save to /root/
> once to generate the first "desktop" file)
> the word-wrapping of .txt files can be enabled by default via
> (add-hook 'text-mode-hook '(lambda () (setq word-wrap t)))
> And starting Emacs in jfbterm with black-on-white text can be
> accomplished with this script:
> #! /bin/sh
> exec jfbterm -e emacs --eval "(invert-face 'default)"
> which you can then add a gmenu2x launcher for. Yes, the next firmware
> will have a proper .epub reader, but didn't have time to try it yet :)
> In case you want formatted text, Emacs has support for displaying
> (roff?) formatted unix manual files, via the built in 'woman' browser.
> Just don't know a good way to convert .epub to roff yet.
> cheers,
> David
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