New OpenWrt Release: stable 2012-03-18 (Bard-0.7)

Alan W Black awb at
Wed Mar 21 07:58:35 EDT 2012

Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> Hi
> A new OpenWrt release(2012-03-18) come out with Linux-3.2 and gcc-4.6.
> Since OpenWrt have update gcc/linux/uClibc. we have some packages that 
> doesn't
> compile any more. please check the [Full ChangeLog] below for more detail
> and help us to fix those failed packages.

Thanks for all the hard work to do these releases.

Looking at the BUILD_LOG.bz2

Bard fails because it can't find /usr/include/SDL/SDL_ttf.h, this should 
really be looking the cross compilation directory rather than host 
directory.  Likewise it fails to find zip.h which is needs to for epub 
support (and requires the new libzip package which I think is missing 
from your list).  Could you point me at a package whose 
does the right thing with the target build directory and I'll fix my and give you a Bard-0.8

(I'm traveling over the next week -- in Japan) which could give me less 
(or more?) time to address this.



> Xiangfu
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> Full ChangeLog:
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> Packages:
>   there are about 3100+ packages in this URL. (~200 more then 2011-11-23)
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