My Ben Nano probably arrives tommorow - some thoughts

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I am excited to shortly be receiving my Ben Nano. Wolfgang was really cool in an email I sent to him requesting some help on a few issues, such
as it is nice that the machine comes with the usb cable, since it uses a more specialized one...

I live in Maryland and have been fooling with my cell phone,
but it is not the same.    I don't want to mess my Android cell phone up. I have an old Android phone where I am already having trouble
with the old cell phone battery, so even though that is unlocked and open to experimentation, I think this Ben Nano will be more fun. The 
old cell phone is really only 3 years old. I have a more recent (I use T-Mobile) LG-P999 running Android 2.3.3.

In my idealistic viewpoint of the world, I don't know why some company hasn't taken the LG-P999 and came out with a netbook with
a screen larger than the LG-P999, a small, but more real keyboard and a capability to attach the keyboard via a usb port (I think at least you can do
this on an Apple Ipad, from what a friend showed me on his, today).  And have an operating system you can use like a normal linux/unix box.
Apple has their unix operating system on their laptops, but I am talking about a small sized machine. This is where the Ben Nano is the closest
to my idea, right now. When that game machine I read about comes out, I could take the plunge on that... Finally I understand that over a certain
price, you might as well just get either a full-blown laptop or use your desktop machine. (i.e. I haven't gotten an Ipad for that reason - they are
really cool, but for the money, I just use a laptop or my desktop).

I want to use the Ben for a music player, since I am a guitarist. Also, the fact it can run linux, python etc.. is a bonus and will be cool to be able
to hack with this machine. I don't enjoy dragging a laptop around when traveling, so the Ben seems like a dream come true, but I don't know how
easy it will be to type on it. Looks like a hybrid cell phone keyboard/IBM PC Jr. Chicklet Keyboard type thing!  I like the space bar - brilliant idea to 
not take up a lot of "space" for the space!

As a kid, I used to own an Atari 800. I read about some recent Netbook - Linux/game machine being developed - will cost more than the Ben's $94 - more like $200 or $300+. 

Enough rambling on!  I look forward to reading more posts here and exploring all the experiences of everyone using the Ben.

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