Python bindings for Allegro game library

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Thu Mar 29 20:58:55 EDT 2012


I'm currently packaging the 'alpy' python bindings of the Allegro game
library for the nanonote's firmware.  Most of the python example
programs just started working, so if you want to have a look: get lastet
liballegro (4.4.2-2), alpy and alpy-examples packages from ,

then try 

  cd /usr/share/alpy/examples

For a python version of the allegro shooter game.  Other (partially)
working examples include exhello, exblend, exbitmap, exdat, excolmap,

Alpy currently gives you 2-D framebuffer graphics with (shaded) sprite
drawing, including stretch and rotate transforms, midi playback,
real-time audio sample mixing and streaming, basic timers, game-capable
(multi-keypress) keyboard drivers and probably more.

Currently it loads .bmp, .tga, .pcx graphics plus the allegro game
data-files created with the 'dat' utility from liballegro-utils Once I
add support for .png and .jpeg loading, what about replacing gmenu2x
with a python script? :)


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