Ben Nano arrived, can I use a Mac laptop running OS X instead of a linux machine to reflash Ben?

Stratman2 Marshall entfred at
Fri Mar 30 22:46:06 EDT 2012

Hello Wolfgang and BenNano'ers,
My expectations are lowered a little. The small beast has arrived.    My wife was amused at how small Ben is.I inserted the battery and it booted up and I immediately tried getting to a command prompt, but was not able to find one.I hooked the Ben up to a PC running Windows. Windows did not recognize it, but then the screen blanked out, so I think the Ben is recharging.I'll let him go to sleep and try later. I saw this reflash page:
and this
Could I use a Mac laptop running unix to run "sh"?Or, do I have to find a computer running linux to do this?  
So, basically I have to do this:download the 4 files (i.e. from the link to my Mac laptop.put 4 files in same folder on my Mac laptop.Follow rest of instructions on the page.
--- Stratman2

> Stratman2,
> welcome and thanks for posting here.
> First order of business: lower expectations :-)
> When you get your Ben, we should try to update the software to the
> latest release. You are subscribed to the list now, which is
> good. In addition for quick replies or to walk you through an
> upgrade, I suggest the #qi-hardware channel on Freenode.
> If you don't have an IRC client, you can try the webchat at
> Cheers, and thanks for buying a Ben,
> Wolfgang
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