ANN: 4tH version 3.61.4 has just been released!

Hans Bezemer thebeez at
Sat Mar 31 09:31:55 EDT 2012

It still features a Ben Nanonote version!

You can download it at

* The words '[ELSE]' and '[IGNORE]' have been added.
* Several new sections were added to the manual.
* The library files now support stem-leaf plots,
  finite difference, compass boxing, HTML and XML
  character entities, Hamming (7,4) codes and Base64
* The library files now support FEXPM1 and FLNP1 for
  both ANS and Zen floating point.
* The preprocessor was enhanced. Macros can be undefined
  with the 'SCRAP:' keyword. Simple flow control was added.
* PAD size is increased to 768 characters.
* Several minor bugs in selected library members have been
* The speed and accuracy of the FSINH, FCOSH and FTANH
  words was improved.
* The accuracy of the FASIN, FACOS and FATAN words was
  significantly improved.
* The speed of several other ANS floating point words
  was significantly improved.
* The preprocessor does now check for undefined or
  duplicate macros.
* A bug in 'OFFSET' was fixed.
* Several patches for TinyC, TurboC v2 and Coherent were
* Android and Coherent ports are now available.

* Comes with an extensive library, featuring hundreds
  of words covering ANS-Forth compatibility, user defined stacks,
  lists, XLS files, floating point, etc. etc.
* Almost 95% of the CORE wordset is supported.
* Comes with a nice, 500+ page manual.
* Over 20,000 lines of Forth code!!
* Native packages for MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Android, Coherent and Linux.

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