Very cheap dev-board to use with NanoNote/UBB

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Sat May 19 18:35:06 EDT 2012


just wanted to point to a nice and especially cheap arduino replacement
to use for extending NanoNote e.g. via UBB: The TI Launchpad development

This board costs only $4.35 [1] and comes pre-installed with a
MSP430G2553 with 16k Flash and 0.5k RAM.  A second smaller MSP IC is
also included that can be plugged in in place of the 2553. The board has
a USB interface handled by an extra MCU for flashing and serial
terminal.  TI must be pretty desperate, as I cannot see how they don't
sell this at a loss.

Maybe not be as open-source friendly as the Arduino, but it's not OSS
unfriendly per cest (I won't touch the proprietary IDE bloatware called
IAR that TI markets for it). 

On Linux, mspdebug [3] can flash the Launchpad board without problems
(as long as I don't use a usb hub).  I also had luck assembling hexfiles
via a cross-assembler [2], or using a Forth system [4] on it.  There's a
GCC toolchain, too [5] (IIRC it's included in ubuntu 12.04), but I
didn't test that yet.  

All I/Os are 3.6V, I guess that's close enough to not break the NanoNote
when driving the UBB's 3V I/Os as inputs?



[3]  [4]  [5]
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