Rules on editing schematics (was Re: [Milkymist-devel] reviews (was Re: [KiCad M1R4] First KiCad version for Milkymist One Schematics.))

duncan72187 duncan72187 at
Sun May 20 13:08:54 EDT 2012

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd chime in here:

> > yeah,do you have good idea to generate a good quality pdf  instead of
> using
> > KiCad's print ? So this way seems good for reviews without installing
> KiCad.
> Plotting all the sheets and then combining them into a PDF should
> do the trick. For color (set the path to schhist according to the
> directory structure on your system):
>  PATH=$PATH:/home/qi/eda-tools/schhist
>  cd board-m1/r4
>  rm *.ps
>  eeschema --plot=ps --plot-sheetref m1.sch
>  for n in *.ps; do normalizeschps $n _$n; done
>  ../../eda-tools/schhist/schps2pdf -o m1r4.pdf -t _m1-_ _*.ps
> I've uploaded the result to
Kicad has recently added support for plotting multi-page PDFs ( to their
testing branch (which I believe you used for your command line patches?).
It seems to work quite well in the limited testing that I have done. Just
wanted to let you guys know in case it makes your lives easier :)

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