Any experience with an Xburst Mips-based netbook:EPC-7000a-Linux?

Delbert Franz ddf at
Sun Oct 7 19:33:43 EDT 2012

Does anyone have any experience with the netbook: EPC-7000A-Linux, 
which appears to use an Xburst Mips chip?  Specs on the web are a bit 
sketchy and unclear.  My interest in it would be as a more powerful 
platform on which to develop C-programs that would run on the Nanonote 
without recompilation.  The specs I have found are too sketchy to even 
begin to answer that question.  It is not even clear who is making
the produce!

Here is a link to one of several web sites that appear to be offering
the same netbook.  Not much in the way of reviews:)

Of course the recent work in getting QEMU to work by Hans Bezemer is 
an alternative.  I guess I'm not quite ready to plunge into that 
challenge:) If the C compiler runs on that platform, it might be a 
good alternative.  I suspect my current desktop running QEMU would be 
far more powerful than the netbook running an unspecified MIPS CPU 
(other than Xburst) at 400 MHz:) 

Thanks for any ideas.


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