Any experience with an Xburst Mips-based netbook:EPC-7000a-Linux?

Delbert Franz ddf at
Mon Oct 8 20:21:26 EDT 2012

Thanks for the clarification.  I suspect the larger RAM would allow 
this machine to compile faster than the Nanonote does.  I get large 
swap space on compiles of rather modest programs, especially at opt 
level 2.  I have enabled 128 MB of swap on the SD card and the highest 
use I have seen is about 47 MB.  However, I think I might explore the 
tool-chain avenue once the compile times get too large on the 
Nanonote.  However, with two Nanonotes, I can have one busy compiling 
while I work on the next project on the other:-) 

I'm curious about the CPU numbers as well.  I thought the core was 
Jz4720 according to some of the specs on the web pages but the Jz4740 
number shows up now and again in some of the messages:-)  So what is 
REALLY inside?  Would that the REAL core would step forward and id 

Also I have formated the root filesystem on the SD card as ext2 but 
some of the boot messages that show up indicate that it is being read 
by an ext4 routine!  Can the root fs be ext4?  AFAIK it had to be 
ext2.  The mysteries never seem to cease in the vast world of computer 
software and hardware:) 

Happy computing to all,

On Mon, 08 Oct 2012 08:15:59 +0200
Bas Wijnen <wijnen at> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 08-10-12 03:28, Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> > I highly doubt it's real. the 'Reviews' also like fake.
> It certainly is real, I have one here. There are indeed several
> producers, and they all give them different names. Mine is called
> "Trendtac".
> It has an Ingenic Jz4730 core, which is also XBurst, but slightly less
> powerful than the Jz4720 from the NanoNote (which is internally a
> Jz4740, don't ask why the numbers are like this). It does have built-in
> wired network though, which is useful. Many models (but not mine) also
> have a wireless chipset soldered internally to a usb port.
> In other words, this is a nice machine if you want NanoNote-like power
> with a bigger screen and keyboard. The bigger case doesn't give it any
> more power, though. ;-)
> Thanks,
> Bas
> > On 10/08/2012 07:33 AM, Delbert Franz wrote:
> >> Does anyone have any experience with the netbook: EPC-7000A-Linux, 
> >> which appears to use an Xburst Mips chip?  Specs on the web are a bit 
> >> sketchy and unclear.  My interest in it would be as a more powerful 
> >> platform on which to develop C-programs that would run on the Nanonote 
> >> without recompilation.  The specs I have found are too sketchy to even 
> >> begin to answer that question.  It is not even clear who is making
> >> the produce!
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