Any experience with an Xburst Mips-based netbook:EPC-7000a-Linux?

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Tue Oct 9 15:08:49 EDT 2012

On 09-10-12 02:21, Delbert Franz wrote:
> I'm curious about the CPU numbers as well.  I thought the core was 
> Jz4720 according to some of the specs on the web pages but the Jz4740 
> number shows up now and again in some of the messages:-)  So what is 
> REALLY inside?  Would that the REAL core would step forward and id 
> itself:-) 

The Jz4740 and Jz4720 have the same silicon inside them; the only
difference is the package. The Jz4720 doesn't have everything connected
to the outside of the chip, so it is limited (in particular, it can only
use a 16 bit address bus for memory, which is slower (because an address
is sent in two parts), and it has a lot fewer gpio pins.

These things don't matter for us: our device is already soldered
together, so we can't use things that aren't connected anyway.

Because the silicon is the same, the chip will identify itself as
Jz4740. Software cannot see the difference.


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