Any experience with an Xburst Mips-based netbook:EPC-7000a-Linux?

Delbert Franz ddf at
Wed Oct 10 18:52:50 EDT 2012

On Tue, 09 Oct 2012 21:08:49 +0200
Bas Wijnen <wijnen at> wrote:

> On 09-10-12 02:21, Delbert Franz wrote:
> > I'm curious about the CPU numbers as well.  I thought the core was 
> > Jz4720 according to some of the specs on the web pages but the Jz4740 
> > number shows up now and again in some of the messages:-)  So what is 
> > REALLY inside?  Would that the REAL core would step forward and id 
> > itself:-) 
> The Jz4740 and Jz4720 have the same silicon inside them; the only
> difference is the package. The Jz4720 doesn't have everything connected
> to the outside of the chip, so it is limited (in particular, it can only
> use a 16 bit address bus for memory, which is slower (because an address
> is sent in two parts), and it has a lot fewer gpio pins.
> These things don't matter for us: our device is already soldered
> together, so we can't use things that aren't connected anyway.
> Because the silicon is the same, the chip will identify itself as
> Jz4740. Software cannot see the difference.
> Thanks,
> Bas

Bas, thanks for that answer.  I wondered if it was not
something like that.  It is fairly common to have similar
or identical innner workings but a different external package
to meet a variety of needs.  


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