New Ben NanoNote image

Delbert Franz ddf at
Tue Oct 23 21:33:48 EDT 2012

I would like to update to this image but the sound problems with gmu 
causes me to pause.  Gmu is one of the principal applications that I 
use on the Nanonote.  I am currently using 0.7.2 and it works well.  
My only problem is that the volume is too low through headphones in 
many cases, even when I am at 15/15.  Not sure what the source of that 
is.  The gain on the sound track may be set too low.  

At some point I want to build the toolchain again but I would want a 
working gmu before I do that.  Since the sound is bad for three apps, 
perhaps it is external to gmu and some library needs to be "fixed".



On Tue, 23 Oct 2012 22:14:52 +0800
Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu at> wrote:

> Hi
> I will re-release this 2012-10-11 images tomorrow. which will fix the SDW-823 and qt4 issues.
> Thanks for feedback
> Xiangfu
> On 10/18/2012 03:53 AM, Oleg Sadov wrote:
> > A lot of error messages after inserting Spectec SDW-823 microSD (SDIO)
> > Wi-Fi card:
> > 
> > mmc0: bad CISTPL_FUNCE tuple 0x01 (28 bytes)
> > mmc0: bad CIS tuple 0x22 (28 bytes)
> > mmc0: error -22 whilst initialising SDIO card
> > 
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