Running the Ben NanoNote in QEMU

Hans Bezemer thebeez at
Tue Sep 11 17:20:16 EDT 2012


I've made considerably progress in making at least most tty apps run in an 
emulated Ben Nanonote. 

(1) For that I took a kernel from
(2) I made a raw disk of 512 megs, partitioned it and made a Linux partition;
under an ARM(!) emulated Linux (it's much easier that way than a looped 
(3) wgetted the openwrt*-rootfs.tar.gz and unpacked it in the mounted 
(4) cd /mnt/dev; mknod console c 5 1
(5) Booted it as qemu-system-mipsel -m 32 -kernel vmlinux-qemu -hda 
ben.img -append "root=/dev/sda1 rw console=tty0 init=/bin/sh"
(6) cd /etc/; mv inittab inittab.old; mv rcS rcS.old
(7) vi rcS; lines "#!/bin/sh<cr>mount -t proc proc /proc
(8) sync;sync; mount -f /
(9) Made /etc/fstab and populated /dev a bit more (disk, null and tty)
(10) Rebooted with: qemu-system-mipsel -m 32 -kernel vmlinux-qemu -hda 
ben.img -append "root=/dev/sda1 rw console=tty0"
(11) BTW, "halt" works at this stage. For that reason it is recommended to 
fsck after step 8.

Image included. I think the adaptation procedure could be wrapped in a script 
or something - and most likely it could be improved upon. But my knowledge is 
limited and I would need some help. At least it could help developers who DO 
NOT want to buy a Nanonote to port their stuff with much more ease - since 
they can test it in emulation.

Hans Bezemer

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