Optimized QEMU procedure

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On Wednesday 12 September 2012, discussion-request at lists.en.qi-hardware.com 
> I'm not sure I completely understand how using QEMU is easier for this
> part. I can see that it's awkward to use fdisk to add information to the
> disk image, and using mkfs on an image file with a partition table probably
> involves some work telling it where to start writing - I've only ever used
> it on devices or on image files that aren't partitioned (for User Mode
> Linux) - but is there anything else?
No. You're hitting the nail on the head. QEMU takes translation of cyls, 
sectors, etc. for its account (otherwise you have to manually feed it to 
fdisk). Second, yes, figuring out all the params where to start writing is 
pretty error prone when it's late ;-)

> I looked at various documents about devices and created the basic set of
> devices:
> http://hgweb.boddie.org.uk/qi-emdebian/file/5bc2f2eb7f63/qi-emdebian-postse
Thanks for that I'll apply them and report back. What really still bothers me 
is to make a good inittab and rcS for the emulation. I need some help there. 
It assumes an ubifs is still available - but it isn't. That requires some 
figuring out.

> This seemed to get me going far enough to be able to configure a Debian
> system on the NanoNote. With the usual Debian init system running, udev
> takes over the show.
Right. But this is the busybox version.. :-(

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