Cannot ssh out of NN to another machine on my LAN. Other direction works fine.

Delbert Franz ddf at
Wed Sep 12 23:27:58 EDT 2012

Have another thing I cannot get to work on the NN.  I can ssh to the 
NN from other computers in my network.  However, so far, I have not 
been able to ssh from the NN to any other machine in the network.  
Note: I am not using dropbear but openssh-server and openssh-client.  
Those seem to work better with Git in my limited experience.  The 
message I get back on the NN when I try to ssh to a host on my LAN is: 

ssh: connect to host <whatever> port 22: Connection timed out.

This takes a long time so there seems to be sufficient time out.  
Connection time from a machine on my LAN to the NN is so fast there is 
hardly a noticeable delay.  

The contents of ssh_config and sshd_config have been made the same on 
the NN as on one of my other machines.  All I had to do was comment 
two lines in ssh_config for some unsupported options.  

Any ideas?


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