QEMU compatibility

Hans Bezemer thebeez at xs4all.nl
Fri Sep 14 19:39:11 EDT 2012

On Friday 14 September 2012, discussion-request at lists.en.qi-hardware.com 

I've tested just about any program in th gmenu2x menu and most work out of the 
box. Of course, some bomb out because sound is lacking. Sometimes it's ugly 
and freezes the screen. Thanks for SSH.

Some can be made to work like LINKS, which only requires a slightly different 
video mode. The emulator doesn't like setfont2. Changing it to setfont adds 
another three working programs to the list.

Another program the emulator doesn't like is a peculiar "selection" program, 
that is interfaced with mplayer and nupdf. Nupdf works flawlessly, though. 
Mplayer spit out just about anything I threw at it. I assume it requires some 
FOSS format. Yes, I did use -nosound..

It's late, I'll figure that one out later.

Hans Bezemer

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