QEMU BNN emulation video on YouTube

kyak bas at bmail.ru
Sun Sep 16 02:32:36 EDT 2012


> BTW, I think I brought down the number of "non-functionals" in gmenu2x down to
> 2 (I think). I just have two more entries to document, though, the "setfont2"
> ones.
> Hans Bezemer

To make setfont2 fully functional, you will have to patch the malta 
kernel. The easiest way to do that is to make use of Openwrt malta target. 
This way you will have a build system and necessary patches.
In fact, the Openwrt malta target is tailored specifically for qemu, and 
it works pretty well for Nanonote rootfs. viric and me were playing around 
this feature something around two years ago, the screenshot is still there 

Thanks, you are doing a great job!

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