Cannot ssh out of NN to another machine on my LAN. Other direction works fine.

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Thu Sep 20 02:39:49 EDT 2012


It should give 
  'SIOCADDRT: No such device'

But since 192.168.254.x not same as your pc-lan network. so this
command because not important.

It helps when you have more nanonote connect to your pc or your
lan is also


On 09/20/2012 01:56 AM, Delbert Franz wrote:
>> > route add -host usb0
> eliminates a message, at least from Debian, that
> was annoying but did not seem to make any difference. 
> The interface, at least on Debian, is "usb0" and
> not "usb".  Some other Linux distributions may fail
> completely on this.  Debian, appeared to do the right
> thing even though the command was in error:-)
>           Delbert

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