Performance analysis of SPI drivers for ATBEN

Paul Boddie paul at
Wed Apr 10 12:51:14 EDT 2013

On Wednesday 10 April 2013 17:36:12 Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> *You do amazing work. Full stop.*

Not arguing with this! ;-)

> Does spi-jz470-gpio only require the UBB board to interface to the outside
> world using spi?
> Does your code implement SPI host capability, or SPI slave, or both?

I guess it's a host driver with the AT86RF230/1 as slave.

> SPI could be a reasonable way to use Ben Nanonote in conjunction with one
> of the Raspberry Pi boards.

I think it would just be easier to use the USB Host of the RPi and USB 
networking with the Ben, at least if the notorious USB support on the RPi can 
hold up.

> The RasPi Model B would give easy access to Ethernet and USB Host, as well
> as mass storage independent of Ben NN microSD [8:10 smile] card. It also
> has 1 GB of RAM, and both HDMI and composite video interfaces.
> And runs a flavor of Debian as well as several other distros should one so
> desire. It has a fairly decent number of GPIOs available, as well as a few
> I2C and SPI.

The I/O support appears quite reasonable and there are already devices 
available that openly support the RPi in their documentation. One that I have 
been looking at recently actually had more coherent documentation and code 
for the RPi than for the other supported boards, perhaps meaning that vendors 
are having to make a bit more effort to target the new audience (who can't 
just be assumed to have the specialised knowledge that the vendor's usual 
audience might have), so despite misgivings about the initiative, I think 
that it is having a beneficial effect on the hardware interfacing scene, at 
least for newcomers.

> Bottom line, for $25 (Model A no Ethernet and 1xUSB) or $35 (Model B with
> Ethernet and 2xUSB) it's a low cost way to provide internet connectivity to
> a Ben NN when at a fixed location.
> Just my lunatic ravings, nothing to see here, please move along people. LOL

Well, you got at least a stare from me as I walked by. ;-)

> p.s. Counting down time until someone tells me to shut up and buy a Ben
> (Wolfgang maybe, except I am not sure he still sells Ben NN) or one of the
> qi-hardware hardcore hackers tells me to write my own operating system or
> some other equally out of scope for my MODEST skill set.
> all said in good spirits.

I can recommend Pulster in the unlikely event that really isn't 
selling the Ben any more, but why not buy one? You just need that extra 
push. :-)


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