Performance analysis of SPI drivers for ATBEN

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Apr 10 22:14:27 EDT 2013

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> Or wa sthis mainly
> targeted at using the atben 802.15.4 radio board you designed?

Yes, I did this evaluation to determine what's the best way to
talk to ATBEN, given that there are a number of different ways to
implement it and it's nearly impossible to predict the
quantitative differences in performance without actually trying

> p.s. "DirtPAN" remains high on my list of creative protocol names. How
> high? At the very top.

Heh, thanks ! :-) I'm happy with that name, too. At Openmoko, I
even managed to establish a better one: to make it easier for us
engineers to install the system on a "virgin" device (i.e., fresh
from the factory), which was a fairly involved process, with JTAG
and so on (the Ben is really easy in comparison), I wrote a
script I jokingly called the "devirginator".

I expected that someone would quickly find the name inapproriate,
but it passed without comment. I guess that would be different in
a US or EU company :-)

What I didn't expect was that nobody would bother to actually
make a proper setup process for mass production, and in the end
that very same devirginator ended up in the assembly line at the
factory, with young female factory workers being trained to type
"./devirginate" at the appropriate time ...

- Werner

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