Ben NanoNote kernel, status of critical patches ?

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Apr 22 09:36:36 EDT 2013

Using the (nearly) mainline kernel (net-next, closely tracking 3.9),
one can almost build a working kernel for the Ben. "Working" here
means that it gets to a shell on the serial console.

In the OpenWRT build process, a fairly large number of kernel
patches gets applied. They live here:

I found that just one of them is essential for getting the system to


I also used


to get fewer complaints from the kernel.

To boot a mainline kernel, I also had to override the boot command
line and add init=/etc/preinit (OpenWRT traditionally had a kernel
hack that added this directly to init/main.c, but I don't know if
they still use this. In any case, our u-boot setup seems to expect
the kernel to find preinit on its own, which it doesn't.)

With this, I get to a shell and can play with ATBEN and such.

Since I'm using a "headless" board, I don't know whether the screen
would actually work. The absence of


in mainline suggests that it won't. Another thing that's missing
is the USB driver,


The rest of those 3.3 patches are mainly about NAND optimizations,
audio, power saving, wireless, and assorted minor changes.

I wonder what the status of all those patches is. Have they been
submitted towards upstream ? If yes, have they been accepted by
the respective subsystem maintainers and just haven't propagated
into Linus' tree yet ? Is someone tracking them ?

- Werner

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