Ben NanoNote kernel, status of critical patches ?

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at
Thu Apr 25 13:52:15 EDT 2013

On 04/22/2013 03:36 PM, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Using the (nearly) mainline kernel (net-next, closely tracking 3.9),
> one can almost build a working kernel for the Ben. "Working" here
> means that it gets to a shell on the serial console.
> In the OpenWRT build process, a fairly large number of kernel
> patches gets applied. They live here:
> I found that just one of them is essential for getting the system to
> boot:
> 0020-qi_lb60-NAND-add-data-partition.patch
> I also used
> 0008-qi_lb60-Don-t-use-3-wire-spi-mode-for-the-display-fo.patch
> to get fewer complaints from the kernel.
> To boot a mainline kernel, I also had to override the boot command
> line and add init=/etc/preinit (OpenWRT traditionally had a kernel
> hack that added this directly to init/main.c, but I don't know if
> they still use this. In any case, our u-boot setup seems to expect
> the kernel to find preinit on its own, which it doesn't.)
> With this, I get to a shell and can play with ATBEN and such.
> Since I'm using a "headless" board, I don't know whether the screen
> would actually work. The absence of
> 0007-Add-ili8960-lcd-driver.patch
> in mainline suggests that it won't. Another thing that's missing
> is the USB driver,
> 0002-Add-jz4740-udc-driver.patch
> The rest of those 3.3 patches are mainly about NAND optimizations,
> audio, power saving, wireless, and assorted minor changes.
> I wonder what the status of all those patches is. Have they been
> submitted towards upstream ? If yes, have they been accepted by
> the respective subsystem maintainers and just haven't propagated
> into Linus' tree yet ? Is someone tracking them ?

Some are upstream, some are not. Those which are not upstream are primarily not
upstream because they aren't quite ready yet and need some more love.

E.g. There is already a driver for the usb gadget core in upstream (musb). But
it is used on a couple of SoCs and somebody needs to sit down and write the
jz4740 glue code.

- Lars

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