NanoNotes and electronic dictionaries

Paul Boddie paul at
Fri Aug 23 13:05:13 EDT 2013

On Friday 23. August 2013 18.09.48 Wolfram Kahl wrote:
> I always would have liked a Nanonote with the User-HW-interface
> (that is, case, screen, keyboard) of, for example:
> These are the nicest small clamshells I have seen so far,
> and they come at prices >$400,
> but if you consider that that is also the price of the OpenPandora,
> there might actually be quite a few geeks out there willing to pay that ---
> combining the ideological aspects of the Ben with a machine
> that would be actually and conveniently useful to a wider user base.

I imagine that one significantly different thing is the keyboard. I started to 
get fairly interested in keyboard technologies before my vacation, and that 
led me to looking at how the Ben's keyboard is done and how other keyboards 
are done. This kind of thing may be obvious to anyone who has spent time in 
the hardware world, but the details of board traces, matrices, key switches 
and keycaps were rather new to me.

It looks like the products mentioned here probably have a more conventional 
feel to them, with perhaps more "travel" in the keys than on the Ben and with 
more clearly differentiated keys, so that it's easier to feel one's way around 
the keyboard and not have to look at it as much when typing.

> (The  newer product
>  actually runs Android 2.3 and has its screen size advertised as 800x480;
>  for the CD739S they only say ``5in screen with 16:9 ratio'' but don't
>  mention the pixels --- nowadays I would hope for at least 1028 x 600...)

Looking at screens, it seems pretty difficult to get one the same size as the 
Ben's. What is interesting about the Ben is that the screen only takes up 75% 
or so of the available space, which then makes one wonder whether the case 
could accommodate a larger panel anyway.


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