anelok: main case, top: window cleaning [2/4]

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Dec 1 20:56:58 EST 2013

Also the previous picture shows that part of the display (e.g., in
the lower left corner) was quite blurry. It's actually better than
one would think by looking at all the small flaws the raw piece,
but that's still not good enough.

Here is is the case on printed text. The blurring is quite intense
because of the larg distance between text and window:

Pretty much unreadable. I then did a bit of polishing. This is what
it looks like afterwards:

After cleaning off most of the red polishing paste, this is a look
at the window with increased contrast:

I didn't quite reach all the corners, which is why some of the text
was still blurry. On the lower right side, the plastic overheated
while polishing, warping it also on the outside. I'll have to be
more careful the next time. The rest of the imperfections are all
but invisible to the naked eye.

Next: the paint job.

- Werner

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